Sunday, August 26, 2012

How was your weekend?

We were busy.....

Larissa continued to fine tune her hairdressing skills.

Emma always seems to be a willing participant.

I made a roast.  Kind of an oops roast.  Normally I sear my roast before setting it to simmer all day long.  I add extra flour and seasonings to the water to end up with a nice thick gravy at the end.  I got a lite start so I decided to cut it up a little so it would be tender when ready.
Well, I must have cut it up too small because it fell apart.  Oh, there were a few chunks of meat still left in there.

Actually, it was quite tasty.

On Saturday night our church had a program called the FX (family experience).  The lady I sat next to asked me if we wanted a pappy.  Then she showed me a picture.....need I say more.
We got a new baby.  Meet Rocko the mutt, because we pretty much do mutts.

I don't think that his feet hit the ground too much today as everyone carried him around.

The kids included him in all their play.  Can you find Rocko?

The girls started soccer.  Notice that Larissa has different socks on.  I got those at KMart.  All they carried was adult sizes and I couldn't find cool ones for the little footed girls.  I think that we need to work on posing with Emma, ha.  Anthony starts his practice on Thursday.

Tomorrow Sarah has classes, kids are back to school, I need to get serious about my school, I am picking Joselin up to spend the night and Larissa starts dance.

Now I need to go do laundry because I am not sure what the situation looks like up there.

Have a great evening and tell me, what did you do this weekend?

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