Thursday, August 23, 2012


My front door was in sad shape.  It needed repainting.  Unfortunately it had been painted so many times that it required stripping off of all the old paint.

I am extremely lazy so I decided to strip and paint the door in place.  I bought some spray paint stripper and it worked great.

The door has been blue, green, beige and maroon.

At one point I ran our of the spray stripper and went out and bought more. I didn't know which one I was using so I just picked something up thinking that they were all alike.  Wrong!  The new stuff did not work near as well as the old stuff.  The second can I bought is sitting on my counter top to be returned.  I headed back out to buy this worked great.

It was a serious paint o strip though.  The mosquitoes about carried me, at the very least I felt that I needed a blood transfusion.  I bought some mosquito yard stray when I took the second, or perhaps third trip out for spray stripper.  It did make me realize something, back when we had more disposable income we would have gone out and bought a new door.  It took me two days to strip the door.  But when you have money, it just doesn't seem as though it is worth it to take the time to do such a project.  That would have been such a waste.  This door is 23 years old and has character of it's own.  Besides, Larissa's writing is on the back.
Can you guess the new color of my door?  (facebook friends excluded!)
In the middle of that project I started on a project for the next Guatemala mission trip since we were having a meeting.  More to come on that. 


  1. BLUE. i'm guessing blue.

    i wish i had half of your motivation to do household projects.

  2. I loved your red door. Made me want a red door. ha ha

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    1. I love my red door too. But after 10 years it needed repainting. Let me know when your blog is up and running, I'd love to check it out.