Friday, August 3, 2012


Today I took only two kids to the optometrist. Yes, it does seem funny to say "only two".  Some folks consider two kids to be a crowd.  I try to keep my kids up to date with eye exams because in the 5th grade I was put into special education classes where it was determined that I didn't have a learning problem, I just couldn't see the board.  Funny, I didn't realize I couldn't see the board.  I remember well the first time I wore glasses; trees had leaves and buildings had straight roof edges.  Really amazing!

I had two kids checked a few weeks ago but I couldn't get Anthony and Larissa checked because....we have two types of insurance. They told me that Medicaid and Tricare wouldn't pay until the other paid so it was as though we had no insurance because they cancelled each other out.  Huh!  Well, I found someone who was willing to take us even though we have two insurances.  Crazy.

Funny how kids really want glasses at this age....until they have to actually wear them every day.

Anthony now gets to go to another eye doctor to get his eyes photographed.  Apparently the donut hole that his optic nerve travels through is "significantly large".  This is a sign of glaucoma.  So they photograph his "donut hole" (hey, that is what he called it) and watch it over time to see if it changes.  It could just be that he is made that way and it is not a concern.  It just gives me a feel of deja vu.  We watch Sarah's optic verve glioma.

Neither kid needs glasses but we did walk away with a referral.  Nothing can be simple for me.

Oh, pictures are back because I found my lost camera.  I really missed my camera!  I found it under some clothing by my side of the bed.  How it got there is a mystery.  The fact that I found it in that location was amazing.  Everyone thought it was lost on my desk.  Anyone like to clean house out there?  Come on over for a visit.


  1. I had one who would steal something then when we'd start closing in on him, the missing item would just show up in the other person's office and the offender would be like, "Well, see, they just never clean their rooms." Yeah. Right. Especially since we'd check everywhere very carefully before we'd accuse him. Hmmm. Actually, he still does that!!

  2. Kathy I do have to wonder. I surely didn't take pictures of under my bed. I do have a tendency to leave it on the countertop or other surface where I was taking pictures but most of the time it is sitting on my desk.