Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life at our House

We have been staying busy. The kids start school next Monday so we are doing all the school prep stuff.

Larissa obviously is doing home training as a stylist using Emma as her victim.  Yes, she got her bangs cut again.  I try to hide those scissors but Larissa is just too good for me.  I knew we had a problem the day she was found under our bed with a flashlight looking for Christmas presents.  I do have a closet with a lock on it but I don't put the scissors in there.

I must say that Emma enjoys having her hair cut so it is an extra challenge.

Those two = trouble

Larissa was supposed to be doing quiet time. 
She was very quiet while she made a tent in the family room.

Emma wanted you to see a picture of her Dora shoes.....I obliged.

Kids taking pictures on their computers.  The world sure has changed.

Getting ready.

Reusing supplies.  Tasha, Michelle is using one of your old rulers.

I made some progress on getting the dog off of the couch, bought her a dog pillow.  She actually uses it all the time.  I thought that she would reject it and the pillow would end up in a kids tent.

Tomorrow we have meet the teacher night.  It will be interesting.  There are two sessions to go to (I think you are only allowed to have 2 kids).  They expect you to stay for the entire session as each teacher talks about their classroom rules.  One session is 5:30 to 6:15 and the second is 6:15 to 7.  To throw a kink in that, kindergarten is 5:45 to 6:45.  I have K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades so I don't know how I am going to do that.

I have also signed Larissa and Michelle up for dance.  Then we signed all the little ones up for soccer.  I won't know when practice is until next week but I am afraid that there will be conflict with dance.  I may have to put off dance until November when soccer is over.

I am not even sure when my own classes start!  I am taking two online classes and haven't even taken a peek at them yet.  I guess I need to so I can at least order my books.

Anyone else have kids starting school next week?  I have seen where some folks started this week.  Any homeschoolers out there? 


  1. We have the same problem...5th grade and 1st grade orientation is tonight. We have two 1st graders and a 5th grader. Still trying to figure out what we're going to do about it. Fortunately, Pre-K and 2nd grade parent nights fell on different evenings, so we didn't have to add those in the mix. We started school on Monday of this week, but you already know that.

    1. I wish that our school did different grades on different nights. The way they throw kindergarten in there makes it impossible to get to all of them even if you only have 2 or 3 kids.

      Our last day of class is May 31st, do your kids get out a week earlier since they started a week earlier?

  2. Our classes have orientation at different times--1st at 8 am, 2nd at 9 am etc. But I have two second graders in different classes. One of the older two always goes with a twin and I go with the other.

  3. Your Larissa sounds like my Raegan...always busy! Your schedule makes my head spin :) Unfortunately, mine does to. Boys start Thurs, eldest girl starts the following Monday. I'm taking the other three out to breakfast after all the busses leave. Not for them- for me- so I don't have to make anyone breakfast after this long, long, long summer of continuous feedings. We won't "officially" start our new homeschool year until 9/4....that way we can keep our relaxed summer school schedule a couple more weeks so I can recover!! Happy New School Year!!

  4. love the photos! everybody looks so happy - and if you are like me you are rolling your eyes and saying "well, I don't take pictures when they are crying" but their smiles are all genuine. And that is saying something. Bitsy is into hair cutting these days - her own hair, all the dolls hair, but thankfully not anybody else's hair. I can't say much, I cut the neighbor's hair when I was 5 and she was about 4. I'll never forget it. Her mom was *so* mad! Apparently she'd paid good money for her daughter's hair cut just recently. My mom couldn't believe anybody paid for a child's hair cut!

  5. Funny, I do have pictures of Dimples when she was in her tantrum stage. In one, she fell asleep in midtantrum.