Monday, August 6, 2012

Spontaneity is not Going to Happen

It is hard to be spontaneous when you are a foster parent.  This morning John had the thought that he would like to go to Florida for the pick up trip.  Getting my mom taken care of was easy because we already have someone coming and Jason is in town.  However, we are not allowed to take foster kids out of state unless we have permission.

I called the teen SW at her office, at her cell and her answer or reply.

I called the girls SW at her office, at her cell and her answer or reply.

It was just not possible to make last minute changes. If the children would have been able to go, we would have taken everyone.  Instead, I will be taking Joselin, Anthony and Larissa on a road trip tomorrow.  Anthony and Larissa are last minute additions to our adventure.  They got very excited and packed their own bags...they are used to road trips.  This is a very quick trip so I am not too concerned if they forgot something.

We are planning on taking the kids to Carowinds later this month.  We already asked for permission for the girls.  I need to remember to ask for permission for the teen.  Carowinds is right across the state line in North Carolina.

Yes, foster care and road trips take some planning.  Hopefully soon they will be ours and we can go where we want when we want once again.

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