Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Issue Solved

Well, the mystery has been solved.  A visit to the doctor showed us that there was no medical reason for Larissa's school accidents.  After much discussion Larissa admitted that she doesn't ask to go to the bathroom because she doesn't want to have a strike.  Apparently in her class minor infractions give you a strike.  Three strikes mean that you pull your card.  Larissa has never had to pull her card at school.  She may be a tad spoiled at home but in school she is very well behaved.  Actually, I think that it is a result of her anxiety.  She is terrified of pulling her card.

Her doctor wrote a note for her that stated that she was allowed to go to the bathroom any time she said she needed to go.  I spoke with her teacher and she talked to Larissa to let her know that she wouldn't get a strike if she asked to go to the bathroom.  She said that she had told a story about a boy who asked to go to the bathroom all the time and got into trouble in the bathroom.  Apparently Larissa took the story to heart and assumed that she would have a strike if she asked to go.

I also think that she needs an increase in her anxiety meds.  She hasn't had one since this time last year. I can see the increase in anxiety in some of her issues.  I had hoped that we would be able to wean her off of anxiety meds one day but lately I have come to realize that they are just as necessary as her seizure medication.

No school accidents on Friday so hopefully our problem is solved.  On to the next........

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  1. Poor Larissa, at least you know now and hopefully she will be just fine from now on.