Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Now?

I have been asked why am I heading to San Antonio to get my mom at this time.  It is not the best time.  New kids and I just started classes.  There really isn't a good reason.  I am sure that my husband would say it is because I am emotional and my mom called crying.  True that did happen the first of this month but I was thinking it was time to bring her here before that phone call.

Actually, there are several factors.  I was ready to bring my mom home over the summer but the nursing home convinced me that it would be in her best interest to stay where she was.  I guess I was willing to accept that story at the time because my husband was leaving the house at 4 am and not getting home until around 6 pm.  He has such a long commute that he couldn't be available to help in case of an emergency.  Not having back up sucks but we got used to it as a military family.  Well, dear husband will not be commuting too much longer so he will be around for emergencies. 

Second, this time I called and talked to her therapist not the nursing home.  He thinks that it would be good for her to come home.  Hmmmm, second opinions matter.

Third, Joselin is no longer home.  She used to make my mom cry when she lived with us before, enough said on that one.

Fourth, my dear husband is correct, I am emotional.  When my mom cries and asks me when am I coming to get her I couldn't ignore it....I said at the end of the month, then I started making plans. 

Plans are going slowly.  I really need some ramps and a bed.  I know, kind of backwards planning.  I do have her paperwork for the doctor and will have her an appointment for after she gets here so we can get services in place and her prescriptions filled.

Still don't have that door done but have decided that tomorrow I will do it.  Now that I have written it I must do it.  I will see if that works!

Child conversation of the day:

Teen: Where did you get these shoes? They are cute.

Me: I bought them at Kohl's for my mom.

Lily: Uh, I didn't know that old folks had moms!

Have a great evening!

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