Sunday, January 29, 2012

San Antonio

I visited with my mom for few hours this afternoon. She was very excited to see me. One of her first questions was when am I taking her out of there. She is fine with flying, she didnt want to fly before.

I went through all of her clothing and discarded anything ripped or that no longer fits. This evening I will purchase her a suitcase and then have dinner with a friend.

Wow, my moms hair is long! I have never seen her with long hair. She has gained weight. She has her vascular dementia and can say some interesting things. Apparently she wants an orange couch. I am not sure where that is coming from! Or even where I would put it. I imagine she still wants to get an apartment which is way out of the question. But, she can dream I guess. Typically I tell her she can when she can take care of herself again. I think that even if I told her that wasn't going to happen she would just mention it again later as though I hadn't said anything

I talked with her aide and she said that she does not agree with the social worker that she is not a dead weight. I wonder why the SW said that to me. To scare me? Her nurse was excited to see me and said that she thinks she will do well at home. Apparently my mom talks about us all the time and going home.

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  1. I can see why your mom wants to live in your home! You are awesome! Good Luck with the trip home. My prayers are with you. ~ Angela