Monday, January 16, 2012


Wish I could have gotten a picture of Dimples when she asked me why I rearranged their room today. I told her, "so that you will stop climbing on the dresser from the bed to jump on the other bed." Her look was priceless! She didn't even try to deny it and was shocked that I knew.  It is amazing how much we parents know and the kids don't have a clue. 

I really don't like the girls room at this time.  We normally do the cluttered look; lots of clothing, books and toys.  The girls room doesn't have any of those things.  I took out the cliffrobe because they were climbing into it and jumping out.  I took out the bookshelf because there was nothing on it and it looked like something to climb.  If the books weren't peed on then Dimples was tearing them up, even the baby cardboard books.  I am not used to bookless bedrooms.  I wonder how long the room will have to be so empty.

Anyone wondering about statuses of our foster kids.  Yea, me too.  Nothing.  No TPR court date yet for the two little ones and nothing new for the teen.  The teens GAL called today to give us some new news but it was old news to us.  I gave her more old news to us which was new news to her.  Apparently DSS isn't too keen on keeping the GAL's up to date. 

In some ways time seems stopped.  It doesn't feel as though we are moving forward at all.  We are getting more definite on what we need to do with Dimples....treat her like a 2 year old.  She can't be out of our sight while playing.  She does things that are perplexing.  The other day she asked me if she could pour her water out and get fresh water.  I told her yes and she went and got her cup off the table and proceeded to empty it on the table.  I don't think that she was doing it to be malicious, she just didn't think.  This is a child who is academically ready for kindergarten.  She knows her abc's, colors and how to write her name.  She is quite bright!  Today I picked her up from daycare and I hit a pothole in the parking lot.  I was teasing her and asked her if she was digging holes in the parking lot today.  She said yes.  When we got home she was telling the kids all about how she was digging holes at school.  She was believable, the kids asked me about it.  I think that she believed it!  Can anyone explain that type of stuff?  I am stumped.

Lily is still mean.  But, she is much more aware of what she is doing.  She has some ways of dealing with issues that she needs to work on.  Things that have worked for her in the past aren't working too well here.  She is a huge liar and manipulator.  The other day she did something and I asked her how she thought that she would get away with it.  She told me that she has lived with some pretty stupid folks!  Ha, well I told her that she wasn't now.  She replied somewhat sullen that she sees that.  Well, a little honesty.  I see hope for Lily.  I think that with time she will heal and do well.  She is bright and really wants a family.  She wants to badly to be accepted and cherished.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I am studying hard for class as well as studying mental health for Dimples and elder care.  I am keeping busy.

Tomorrow, pictures if my not so exciting kitchen and plans......

Have a great day!


  1. I got to see at our Disney trip how far we have to go.... the self sabotaging when having fun is irritating.

  2. We plan on visiting DisneyWorld this summer and wonder if Dimples is up to the task. I don't want for one child to ruin the experience for everyone else, we have already done that.