Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Last night we went out to eat at Chili's.  The only reason we went was for the kids school, they had an eat at Chili's night where they get some of the proceeds.  I don't do many fund raisers....I have too many kids and no relatives to buy the stuff.  Besides, I think that the stuff is overpriced.

Anyways, we all went....husband, myself, teen, Sarah, Anthony, Larissa, Lily and Dimples.  My kids like to eat out.  Heck, they like to eat period.  There was one incident a while back where Dimples decided to have a tantrum in the restaurant and she got to spend the rest of the meal in the car (with supervision).  She also missed the next meal out.  Since then she has had no problems eating out. 

So, all eight of us sat and ate a nice meal.  The kids are expected to stay seated.  To use their table manners.  To be polite.  They all did. 

Why do I write about this?

Because we do have moments of normalcy.....especially when food is involved.

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  1. I'm glad you said you made her miss the next meal out too. I do that too and sometimes people act like I"m a monster. Like once the incident is over, there shouldn't be any future consequences. I've just told mine they aren't playing soccer again this season because if the can't follow the class rules, cooperate and keep their mouths shut so the teachers can teach, why would I think they could cooperate with a coach and follow rules at soccer?