Sunday, January 22, 2012

Circus Time

Anthony and Larissa at their first circus.

I bought tickets for the circus a few weeks ago.  On Monday I told all the kids that we would go to the circus on Saturday.  It didn't matter what their behavior was like for the week, they were still going.  However, if they had to earn a snow cone with good behavior.  I wasn't looking at small misbehavior's because those happen every day.  However, a note home from school saying that you were defiant to the teacher and refused to do class work would not earn you a snow cone.  By the end of the week we had one who got a snow cone.........

All the kids did share popcorn and cotton candy so they didn't miss out on the junk food circus experience.

John was a good sport!

We were 8 deep on the third row.  All the kids loved the circus and they behaved great!

My favorite part.....the elephants.

Can you spot the lady behind us?  Strange what changing it to black and white did, I guess I should photoshop it but it looks kind of interesting.

The kids did so well that we went to ChikFilA's for nuggets and ice cream cones.  However, we got back at 3pm and it was too late for naps.  The kids were tired so behaviors got bad.  Dimples ended up tearing up some of the kids possessions and earned an early bedtime.  Then John and I went out to a late movie (as late as we old folks can go) but it wasn't quite kids bedtime when we left.  Larissa ended up melting down at bedtime and gave the girls a hard time.  Occasionally she gets these melt downs and is just totally out of control.  I am not sure what it is and at this point it is hard to tell.  We are dealing with a lot of biogenetics with these kids that are beyond our control.....their control too.

In spite of the behavior rebound issues it was a great outing and it was the teens first circus too.


  1. I don't think you've referred to April by name before so I'm not sure which one it is. Glad the circus went well overall. I like the idea of all getting to go but having to earn a sno cone.

  2. I am 33 and have never been to the circus! I am sure your teen loved it and I hope things work out with moving forward with her. I am sure you had a great family time out.