Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I seemed to have developed an eye tic in the last few days. It is about where I got hit in the head with an oar on one of our white water rafting trips. However, I don't think that the tic is from that injury.  I think it is from stress.

Hard to believe, me having any stress.  I can't decide where it is coming from.  Not sure if it was the visitation on Monday that I found out about last Friday.  Maybe it is one of the many uncompleted projects that I am neglecting.  Perhaps it is the kids that are just driving me crazy.  Maybe it is my school that is starting back up tomorrow.  Or perhaps it is that John has put in his notice and will soon be unemployed.  Maybe it is that my mom will soon be here and I am not sure if I am capable of her care. 

I am not quite sure but I imagine that it is in there somewhere!

I do know that the tic is annoying and maybe it is just related to my old white water rafting head injury.

Seriously, I have made my airline reservations for picking up my mom.  I still need to make hotel reservations and rent a car.  I am going to fly to San Antonio on the 29th, go and check in on my mom to see if she needs any travelling clothing and how much she needs to pack.  Then on Monday we will both fly back home.  Quick trip since John will be home with all the kids alone. I will be in San Antonio all alone....I mean really alone.  Anyone in San Antonio want to meet for dinner?  It has been a long time since I have been anywhere alone.

Has anyone ever travelled with someone in a wheelchair?  The nursing home told me that she is in their wheelchair so I need to provide our own.  I went on Craigslist and got her one (we had given the old one to someone who needed it, figures).  If I can get a wheelchair at the airport curbside then I wouldn't have to tote the wheelchair all the way to San Antonio and back.  I got a wheelchair but need some type of bed with a rail.  I haven't had much luck with that.  We also need a bigger vehicle!  We are at the point where we have to take two cars to church because our nephew lives with us half time so he can attend church and youth.  With my mom we will have to take two cars to every family activity.  I don't see a bigger vehicle happening any time soon.

I do have fears that I am not up to the task of caring for my mom.  She is wheelchair bound and we still need to do some ramps in the house and outside.  She doesn't have any specific medical needs like oxygen and such so she doesn't need medical care.  I feel like I am really stretching myself with this.  Pray for me on this one!

I do believe that we are going to have lots of changes here in the near future.  It shall be interesting to see where we land. 

For now I am off to bed.  I have this bad habit of staying up late even when the kids get up early....I am surprised that my writing is legible this late.

Have a great day.


  1. Girl, something has to give!! Trust me, I know. I single parented 7 kdis for three years with my husband having moved three hours away and me single parenting 7 kids never knowing if my marriage was going to make it because his mom was trying to get him to bail on me. Bad, bad times. I hate even thinking about them. Trying to deal with your two new ones, your mom and his unemployment is going to require a lot of emotional and physical support. Not preaching. okay, I am, but only because I've been there minus the mom. Just had two boys constantly lying and stealing and telling teachers they were neglected/abused/starved/locked in closets...

  2. Maybe your mom will be one of those blessings in disguise that life tends to throw us once in a while. How is she with kids? I grew up the oldest of 9 kids and my cute little grandparents lived with us on and off for nearly 10 years. My grandpa had Parkinson's, was totally bedridden and couldn't even communicate for about 8 of those years. My little grandma did what she could to take care of him and my parents filled in the rest. We loved having her with us. She listened to us read and practice the piano and played card games with us almost every night. I pray that things work out well for you! I can't even imagine how you can do what you are doing. You are deserving of some special blessings!