Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Things We Learn

About 6 years ago this baby was brought to my door.  A short term foster care placement. I didn't realize at the time but I had a lot to learn.

I don't look at beads and pipe cleaners quite like I did as a Girl Scout leader.

I may not get those styles done perfectly but she doesn't care.  She wanted her hair to be long like her friends.  What breaks my heart is she wants straight hair.  She has a kid in class who teases her about her hair.

I didn't know that when I took in that baby 6 years ago that she would one day be my very much loved daughter.  I didn't know that I would have to help her navigate the racist remarks at such a young age. 

Sometimes I do worry that I won't or don't know the right things to say.  But, maybe no parent really knows the right thing to say when it comes to racism.

I just wish that the world would catch up with us and see that skin tone and texture of the hair doesn't make a person any less lovable.

I do know that tomorrow Larissa will go to school how she wants......with long hair and beads clacking.


  1. Oh My Goodness! I love beads in the hair! How clever of you to make a homemade beader!! Is Larissa biracial? (I only ask because I'm curious about her hair texture)Do you ever put gel in her hair and just let her wear it down?

    By the way, in my middle girl's kindergarten class last year one precious little told my biracial child, "I don't like the brown girls." I'm with you that it's ridiculous, and hurtful :(

  2. I don't often leave Larissa's hair down because she has a very tight curl that becomes very knotted if it isn't braided.

    One benefit of meeting with biomom before visitations is I do know some of their family history. They are typical melting pot Americans; a mixture of black, white and Puerto Rican.

  3. ok so just saying, you did an AWESOME job, she is ADORABLE, o btw Tasha showed me your blog, so you don't think some random person is on here lol