Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hectic Days

Can you tell what the above picture is?  It is a not quite yet sleeping child who can be seen from my desk chair.  I did put her to bed after she fell asleep.  This was done to stop her from hitting her sister in her head while she was trying to go to sleep.  I didn't have to get annoyed or mad.  I simply put her in my line of sight.  Strange she only had to spend one night with me.  The corner looks a little bare.

Since we got a door in the girls room we decided to take out the extra one.  This had to be a one day operation because having that huge opening was not an option at bedtime.

We got it drywalled and it has it's first coat of spackling.

What is going to be the challenge is how to finish off the ceiling part......

Pooky Bear was trying to explain the benefits of simply taking it easy....

I have been building a Wiki for one of my classes.  I decided to paint my home page......

It was extra work but very relaxing for me.

In the last week I also took three of the kids to an appointment in the big city.....on the right day but the wrong MONTH!  Ooops, we will be back in February.  At least they did get a Moe's out of the experience.

I have purchased the airline tickets for my mom and myself and called them to make sure we are sitting where we need to be and I reserved a wheelchair.  I still need to rent a car and get a hotel room.  I will do that tomorrow.

My mom has a medical appointment next week and the girls are going to try out a new therapist.

In a few days we will go get my mom.  I still need to get her a bed and do something about the ramps.

All of the above are why I have been silent.  It seems like I have periods of calm followed by very hectic periods.  I will soon be in San Antonio and I am concerned about my ability to take care of my mom.  I do know that if I have to put her in a nursing home here I will go see her on a regular basis.  But first, I must try.

Tomorrow is ramp day.  I need two ramps and I hope to get at least one built.  So, I am off for the night.  I am going to go and look at ramp designs. 

Have a great evening.

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