Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day of Rest

Today I recharged my batteries. 

The kids went to school and Dimples went to preschool. 

I started a load of laundry and then took a nice long nap.

Woke up in time to take Sarah and John out to eat lunch and then piddled until it was time to pick up kids. 

This evening we went to training for foster parents where they discussed stealing.  Good subject and reminded me that Dimples is closer to 2 or 3 developmentally.

Got home and remembered my laundry so it is now in the dryer.  It will wrinkle so in the morning I will restart the dryer since I do not iron unless it is an emergency.

Tomorrow I take Dimples to a doctor appointment and then I need to tackle my door project.....if I don't decide to take another long nap.

I am so thankful for this day of rest, I really needed it!

I ended my day with talking to Tasha on facebook. Love or hate the technology of today, it allows me to talk with my deployed child on a daily basis so right now I am loving it.

Love you Tasha.

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