Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Kitchen

We have a nice big house with a too small kitchen.....well at least for our family.  The dining room used to be off to the left but it was converted to a bedroom.  Straight ahead used to be the family room and was recently converted to a dining room.  I actually like this dining room location better then the original one, it just flows better.

If you look at the picture above you will notice a clock hanging down.  There was a small cabinet there and we took it out long ago to make a pantry.  Much better use of the space.  Problem was they no longer make the crown molding so we had to improvise and put molding for the clock up there.

The door leads to the girls bedroom.  It is going to be taken out and drywalled.  This will allow for a few more cabinets in the space.  A door has been added on another part of the house.

The cabinets are 23 years old and some of the doors are falling apart.  The countertops are original as well and were built in place so they are nailed down to the cabinets before the laminate was put down.

I would love a double oven but that is not affordable at this time.

My plan is to paint the cabinets white.  This will lighten up the room and allow for different cabinets to be added without being obvious.  (I can't find any cabinets with the exact same trim on them).  Not sure what to do with the light.  We have never liked it.

This cabinet is in the dining room.  It was the same color as the kitchen but was painted years ago so that the family room didn't look like a dungeon.  This whole part of the house is pretty dark since we added on the 500 sq ft new family room.

I took a peak at sinks........

Wonder how the white would hold up....

We also brought home a pile of laminate samples.  We will go with laminate again since we still have kids who stain and tear up stuff.  Also, our budget is pretty low.  Well,  really low.  I also want to paint the kitchen and am thinking of a darker yellow.  We will see.

This is going to be a long term project since most of the work will be done by us.  Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

Should be interesting.....

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