Monday, November 7, 2011

Time On

Everyone is familiar with Time Out.  Many are familiar with Time In.  Our weekend was so rough we resorted to Time On. 

At one point this weekend Dimples was out of control.  (Throwing stuff and having a fit type of out of control) I was sitting outside with a friend and told the girls to have her come and sit with me for a Time In.  However, when she came out I determined that the concrete was too cold so instead I had her sit on my lap for a Time On.

For about 30 seconds she screamed about it.  My friend and I talked ignoring her.  She stopped screaming and then sat ramrod straight up for about 2 minutes.  We continued to talk.  Then very slowly she leaned back into me and relaxed into my lap.  After a few minutes I knew that her anger was gone and told her she could go play.

Funny, I had a very angry and defiant child come to my lap and after a short period of time of Time On I had a very happy child go off skipping to play.

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