Saturday, November 26, 2011

Family Time

There has been a lot going on at our house the last few days....

Tasha got home for Thanksgiving and put her ornament on the tree.

Three birthdays in November (Jason, Tasha and Sarah) meant that lots of gifts were opened.....

The dining room was ready for lots of family and friends.  I didn't refinish the chairs that came with the table but decided that some old chairs I had would fit great.  I started reupholstering the chairs but didn't get them all finished.

In case you are curious, the family/dining room is right off the kitchen.  If you were here I could give you a tour.  View from the kitchen.

Family room into the kitchen.  That spear above the doorway is from Hawaii.

The family/dining room leads directly to the Florida room (which used to be a patio).  That room is 500 sq ft and is used a lot.

Tasha took Sarah up to Charlotte for a concert.  (Thanks Tasha, you spared my ears)

Sarah was thrilled.

We ate lots of food.....and still are.

The weather was beautiful and the kids got to play outside. 

I got the kids gathered together for a picture.  Strange to have so few in the picture when there were three more that wanted to be in it but can't just yet.  Maybe is should be considered stranger still when I consider 5 kids together to be few....when did my perspective on that change?

It was a great time for family.

But, finally Tasha had to take off for the airport.  On her way out she handed me her life insurance documents.  Ugh, that is just not right.

Here she is in full uniform......

This is how I see her.........22 years ago on November 30th.

She is already back with her unit. 

Very soon she will fly far away from us. 

We look forward to seeing her on R&R.

It is going to be a very long year.