Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anyone Wondering?

About Joselin?  I haven't heard from her in a while.  However, I do have a way to peek into her Facebook and she has a new "momma" as she calls her and recently went out to eat with her "cousin".  Apparently she loves her momma.  I hope that she is truly happy.  I really feel that she doesn't know what a momma is.  I hear Anthony and Larissa talking about her to the new girls.  It isn't too positive.  The comments do remind me of why she can not live in our home.  Yes, it hurts me.  I have a feeling that I am the only one who misses her on some level.  I still pray for her.

About Lily?  After a day of feeling poorly she has bounced back and is doing great.  I am surprised that she didn't end up with a huge black eye.  It is amazing how quickly little ones heal.  I am making her an eye exam appointment.  I notice that when she is looking at something close up she looks down.  It looks odd to me, but maybe it is nothing.

About Larissa?  We don't know the results of her testing yet.  She has more testing in December.  Her new anti seizure medication does make her more tired and cranky in the afternoon.  I hope that she adjusts to it soon.

About Dimples?  Yes, she has two huge dimples when she grins.  She is loving sleeping downstairs.   I think that perhaps she feels more secure down where we are. 

About Anthony?  Yes, he does wonder when we are going to adopt a boy.  Poor child is so outnumbered but he is adapting.

About our foster teen?  She wants adopted and tells everyone.  She changed her Facebook name to our name.  She does not know how to make rice crispy treats.  She wanted to know how long to bake them after they were made.  I need to get her in the kitchen more often.  Every day I can see the effects of not having a mom for 11 years.

About Sarah?  She is turning 18 this month!  I am shocked.  She will graduate this summer and is working on going on a mission trip with Teen Missions International.  She plans on going to Italy.  She wants to go to college and become a missionary.  I think she will be doing international studies.

About me?  I am going crazy.  Trying to fix up rooms, furniture, study, do papers, prepare a presentation, mother hurt little ones, juggle medical appointments, talk with therapists, SW, GAL......just generally doing it all.  I want to open an ETSY shop so over Christmas break between everything else I plan on doing some painting.  I have a theme.  I'll share it later.

Why it is after midnight and I am online?  I am crazy.  Off to bed.  Have a great night.


  1. I got Sarah's mission letter and will get back to her after Christmas because I'll get my second book contract payment sometime then and that's what I use part of it for.

  2. The world is a better place because you are in it! Keep up the good work Felicia!
    ~ Angela

  3. thanks for the update!! praying for your baby girls test results.

    what are you gonna sell in your etsy store? LOVE etsy!