Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Project from the Lazy Seamstress

As usual this project does not involve any measuring. I originally saw it on another blog and it looked like such a fun project.

I bought my fabric a while back hoping to get some time to make this project for Sarah.  It is hard when she does homeschooling.  However, Tasha is in town and took her to a concert tonight for her birthday.  So, I got to create.  This project took me 2 1/2 hours to do.  I could do a second one quicker now that I have it figured out.

I used a hoodie to get a guesstimate as to how big to make the hat.  I curved down the front part a little.

I cut on piece for the top (cut on the fold so I just had to sew the top part), two arms, two hands, four black ears and two white ears.  The big white piece is the top of the hood. The curved side is actually the back since you want it to come around to the front.

I sewed the top part of the hood and added the black portions of the arms (if you aren't doing two tone then this would all be one big piece)  I tried it on and decided that it was a little too long so I trimmed it a bit (very easy to do at this point).

I sewed the white portion of the ears on one portion of the black ears and then sewed them right side together and turned them right side out.

I got someone to try it on so I could decide where to place the ears.  I then sewed the ears in place.

I realized that the pockets would need to be lined for comfort so I cut two white pieces to match the two black pocket pieces I cut earlier.

I sewed them together at the top and flipped them out so that the fur was facing outward on both sides.

I sewed them to the bottom of the scarf (this will be the furry side).  When figuring how big to make your scarf you need to think about the hand size that will go in it.  I did this for Sarah so I figured my hand would be a good fit for an example.  For someone with a larger hand I would have to make the scarf wider (or at least the bottom portion could be wider).

I laid the entire thing down and cut out the liner.

I sewed the hood together and added detail to the hand portion.  Make sure you get this on the right side.  I tried on the liner to check myself.  This step is not necessary but it does make it fun. (Uh, my paws are unside down, haha, the joy of homemade!)

Pin both pieces right side together and sew together leaving an opening for turning right side out.

I turned it right side out and sewed the opening closed.  I had kept the neck area open so it was very easy to sew together on the machine.

For pictures Larissa was willing to model.

In case you can't tell, it is a panda.  If this was for Larissa I would have made the length a little shorter.  (Yes, that is her outfit from yesterday, they have been playing Thanksgiving all day (between fighting)).

Sarah will get to open it tonight since the kids saw what I was making and the new little ones can not keep a secret.

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