Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Larissa and John returned today at 6 pm from Augusta.  She was observed at the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit for two nights.  This morning they did a SPECT scan and she has to get the second half of it in December.

She did not appreciate the IV.  I was glad that I wasn't there for that!  I really don't like watching kids get the IV/shots.

I have no idea how she fit into this car!  She used to have one years ago and loved it.  Her daddy had to push her around in it.  He says that they got quite a few funny looks. 

Larissa did not like the food.  Luckily for her there is a McDonalds in the hospital.  I know she got a few meals from there based on the toys she brought back.

Larissa was actually very cooperative while doing the monitoring.  She had numerous seizures and they got a lot of information.  She has a new medication and I hope that it does well for her.

In other news,  I am  still working on the dining room.  One chair done.......

Tomorrow I'll give a before picture and maybe get the table top finished.  For some reason it is slow going. 

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