Monday, November 28, 2011


I sat here for a long time looking at the blank screen.  I wanted to sound upbeat and optimistic.  However, my heart doesn't feel that way today.  I did call the place where we are trying to take the girls to see what the hold up is for an piece of paper.  So I called my doctor to see if they could get going on it.  I called the girls foster SW and left her a voice mail to see if she could speed the process up.  I left another voice mail with their adoption worker to see if there was anything she could do.  Tomorrow I will call their local adoption worker to see if there is anything she can do.  I have been trying to get in for a month now.

I contemplated making myself an appointment since with my insurance I can just make an appointment without that piece of paper.  I may just do that!  Some days I feel the need for some nice strong meds...for myself.  Just kidding you know....about the meds, not the appointment. 

The day started off rough and I am sure part of that was because I only got 3 hours of sleep last night.  Late night studying and early defiance are not a good match.  I have gone back and forth about putting Dimples into a 4K program.  Part of me feels that she needs to be with me to bond but another part of me feels that we might just get along better if I get a break.  This morning sealed the need to find a 4K program for her.

Next Sunday Dimples gets to sit next to us at church as well.  She was not too kind to her Sunday school teacher.  We feel strongly that church is not the place to act out.  The teachers are all volunteers and do not know how to deal with the behaviors.  So next Sunday she will either sit with John and I or in the car with one of us.  this is not new to us, Anthony has done his fair share of sitting with us during the service time. 

Actually Anthony gives me hope.  Although he was quite a bit younger then the girls when he came to us, he was quite a challenge.  Destroyed furniture, walls, defiance, complaints about behavior/defiance from daycare, complaints from Carnival cruise, complaints from school.....actually complaints from just about everywhere he was without us.  Lately the flare ups of defiance have really diminished.  He still has days when he shows his ODD side but for the most part is a typical 8 year old.  Uh, it took about 6 years to get there.  These girls are a few years older, I hope we get there before they are teenagers!

In the next week I will be finishing two papers, one presentation and taking two finals.  After that I have a few weeks of read some attachment books and do some Santa stuff.  Ha, I have to laugh when my kids say they want to grow up so that they can do whatever they want.  They don't have a clue!

Well, I am off to work on papers.  Have a great evening.


  1. I went looking for a princess bed for the foster daughter we just adopted and somehow I came upon your blog. I am mush. Not many people understand what we go through in this life of service to the children the world has left behind. Thank you for your honesty and heart. I gave a young one back after being in and out for many years this summer and I will never recover from the broken heart left behind. I did what was best for my family but I miss her every single day of my life. I have never read a blog before but I am glad I came across your life :) Thank you

  2. Felicia,

    Thanks for your honesty. Hang in there you really are an inspiration to me. I love your outlook and your hopeful attitude! May the Lord continue to bless and help you. Thanks so much for what you are doing!

    ~ Angela

  3. Prayers for much going on there. I'm sure you only have time to skim the surface. I was trying to look back and see if you wrote about your teen lately; hope she is doing well still with all the upheaval of small girls :) They sound like they are keeping you hopping. Blessings, Jennifer