Monday, November 7, 2011


I am working very hard on my patience.  Yep, my little one is testing us.  Imagine the expression, "if she is talking she is lying".  If she is not lying she is arguing, whining or screaming "no"!  All this wrapped up in a beautiful, small package.  Yep, I am working on my patience.

After a long weekend of defiance, fighting and Larissa running and crying every time Dimples came around her I knew that changes needed to happen.  The 4:30 am chaos she created this morning only confirmed my resolve.  So, today I took total control of the girls.  Total control means that all things come through me.  They need to learn that I will take care of all their needs.  They need to learn to trust.  I have another 5 weeks of classes and that makes it more difficult to work on attachment issues. 

I knew that this would be a difficult transition since we are their 7th home.  I knew there would be challenges.  I knew there were attachment issues involved.  Good thing I am stubborn.

For two days I am going it alone.  John took Larissa to Augusta to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU).  They are supposed to stay two nights but we hope that they get the information that they need tonight and release her.  Apparently she fell asleep for a short period of time around 6 pm and had one seizure.  We really don't know how many she has a night so we hope to get some good information.  Hopefully this study will give them the information that they need to make decisions regarding medications to control her seizures. She has been falling asleep in class every time she sits still and I believe it is because her sleep is interrupted too much.  She goes to bed early so she shouldn't be sleepy at school.

John typically does all hospitalizations and emergency room visits.  He is 100 miles away so I can't even relieve him.  So, he has hospital duty and I have home duty. 

Well, gotta go, my little one may decide to get up at 4:30 again and I need to be rested.  Nite

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  1. Stay tough. At least you get to see the worst right up front so it doesn't blindside you later. Maybe the time alone with Dad and getting all the attention will help L.