Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big Changes Coming Our Way

Today I asked my husband to quit his job.  Yep, I did.  It is a scary thing!

He works 100 miles away.  We thought it would be temporary and he rented an apartment for a year.  A few months ago his year lease was up and he came home and drove with the hope of finding a local job.  He wanted to hold onto his job until I finished school.  However, no jobs are coming up locally.  The drive is getting to be too much.  Our options are for him to rent and apartment again or quit. 

The problem with living at home only on the weekends is he gets used to being alone and we get used to him being gone.  It is not good for a family situation.  So today I asked him to quit.  First he said yes then he said no.  Finally I called him back and told him yes, do it.  It is scary for him.  All he knows is government work in one way or another.  It is scary for me because he has always worked.  So, after March he will no longer be a government employee. We are taking a big leap of faith here.

Thanks to military retirement we have enough to live on.  We will have to fill out a new financial statement for adoptions showing that we are not relying on subsidies to adopt.  We will not have as much discretionary money that we are used to but we have enough income.  We are going to have to learn some saving strategies.  I really need to get into the couponing that seems to be popular.  Food is our biggest expense followed by our house payment.

So, anyone have some good strategies for saving money?  Good cheap recipes?  Anyone do the freezing of meals?  Have an ETSY shop? (I am thinking of starting one)

What do you do to save money?


  1. I have been there. Rick lived apart for 3 1/2 years because of a job situatuion. He got used to being alone plus his mom was pushing him to divorce me!! I had to really fight for our marriage and ended up having to move away from a place (house, land, foster care, church, schools) I loved. It was a really hard time! I hope he can find a good job locally.

  2. Making your own cleaning products (especially laundry detergent) and some beauty products is better for the environment and saves money! I know it may sound weird but its easy and works great!

  3. I buy everything on sale! (except last night for pants for Christmas portrait - I even told the sales lady that it was against my religion to pay full price)

    I've saved quite a bundle on soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste by using coupons and ExtraBucks at CVS.

    For food, I grab all the food circulars and look for the best price for meat and vegetables (a great job for teenagers) and take it to Walmart - they price match!!! But they have to see the actual circular with the exp date.