Sunday, November 13, 2011

Between Medical Visits

We rounded up our week with a visit to the hospital this afternoon to get a chest x-ray for our teen. It was not a good week for us medically wise.

Between visits I did try to get some projects finished. Apparently none of our children have the ability to hang jacket up on a hanger or know where to put their stuff.

So, I added a piece of board and added some hooks.  This project actually took me weeks to complete because I couldn't find my stud finder.  It had to be attached to the studs to hold the weight I know it will hold.  Uh, fortunately I found it on Friday.....on my desk.  Two projects finished:  cleaning my desk and adding hanging hooks.

We will see if they actually use them or not.  A mom can only try and they have no excuses.

I also finished my table and found an area rug at Lowe's.  I couldn't find a before picture of my Craigslist table.  It was a very used dark cherry wood.  I don't do dark wood so it had to be totally reworked.  I now have a table and 1 chair....slow going.