Wednesday, November 16, 2011


One major paper completed, many more due in the next few weeks.  My semester is coming to an end and I will get a break for Christmas.

Social worker visit went well.  It was supposed to be a visit from the kids mom but she was a no show.  It was very interesting to watch the kids react.  Lily would have little defiant moments and I would correct her.  She would be looking at me out of the side of her eyes to see how I would react.  I reacted like a mom, I hope that was what she was looking for.

Dimples, well, in true non-attachment form was a little angel.  None of her whining or tempers.  She did get caught lying.  I think that it is hard to stop lying when that is all you know to do.  She also is currently on the couch downstairs.  That night she was caught in Larissa's bed for the last time.  I am tired of either locking Larissa's door or having Larissa sleep in our bedroom.  There are reasons why Dimples can not be in Larissa's bedroom, trust me on this.  So, we are doing a big bedroom shuffle.  We are setting up the FROG for Anthony and Dimples will go into Anthony's bedroom.  Of course, this is having to happen while I am studying for finals and writing my papers and preparing for Thanksgiving.

I have to do some changes in the FROG because the laundry room is at the far end.  I need to build some type of partition.  Anthony wants me to paint his room.  I think we are going to do an underwater scene.....well, I will paint it and Anthony will tell me what he wants.  He wonders why it isn't finished yet.  Geez, I haven't started yet!  Furniture will be moved by this weekend though because the foster kid can't stay on the couch.  Anthony is excited for the move.

Jason's birthday is Friday and I haven't gotten him a gift yet.  It is followed with Sarah and then Tasha's birthdays.  November is a busy time for birthdays.  You can probably guess where I will be

Have a great day.


  1. Do you have alarms on all the doors? But then people have to sleep with their door closed. I can't stand mine closed because I feel closed in and like I don't know what's going on in the house, but there are a couple doors with alarms. When we need to use them, the occupants have no choice about doors open or closed at night.

  2. Not yet but we will when she is downstairs (she likes to do middle of night pantry raids). Our master bedroom is downstairs in a totally different part of the house. We do have a monitor up there. The danger of a 3800 sq ft house is kids bedrooms are not close to you. Lily is so glad that Dimples is out of her bedroom, she can finally sleep in peace. Dimples tries her best to wake everyone up by 5 am. That has stopped since I moved her downstairs.

    How does it work when they have to go to the bathroom at night? Is everyone woke up? I would actually like to have a motion detector on the stairs so that those upstairs stay upstairs and those downstairs stay downstairs. How sad is this entire conversation!?

    Any alarms you can suggest?


  3. We have used both the kind with a punch in code and with a key. We'd atek everyone to the bathroom one last time at 11:00 or so and since we are all up at 5 it's not a problem. They knock loudly if they need out. Thankfully we are not having to use the alarms right now. But if night time wandering becomes a problem again, we will. A & J were constantly out at night taking people's things. J is gone and A seems to have outgrown it. We use it for the twins when they refuse to stay in the rooms. There is a loss of privileges the next day if the alarm is set off.