Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well, there is one benefit to getting up extra early....I get some school work done.  I have several papers and projects to complete in the next few weeks.  Next semester I will only be taking one class.  Honestly, I would prefer to take no classes however the way they schedule classes if I don't take this one specific class then it may be a year before it is available again.  Next spring I hope to be able to do student teaching.  I had hoped to student teach in the fall but that is not going to work out, another class I need to take is not available. 

I also need to finish my dining room project so that we can all eat Thanksgiving dinner together.  Sadly, that project is going very slowly.  I also realize that I will be over budget.  I need to get a rug to put under the table.  As much as I would love to put in wood floors, I know that is a future project when funds are available.

Today I will be taking Dimples in for an assessment with the school district.  They are going to evaluate her speech.  Some days I think that she has a problem and then on other days I think not.  It is hard to tell because she talks all the time in a baby/whiny voice.  It is very annoying and grating and sometimes her words are hard to discern.  I will let the professionals make that determination.

After that my day is free for a few hours...until I pick kids up from school and then head to class.  Maybe I will work on refinishing my Craigslist table and chairs.  I really need to find my stapler for the upholstery.  If I get a chance I will upload pictures of my project tonight.  For now, I am off to get kids ready for school.

Have a great day.

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  1. You are amazing! I can't believe how much you can accomplish in one day. Please post pictures. I would love to see your new project. I loved the built in shelves you did a while ago!