Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sarah is 18

I can not believe that Sarah is 18.

My partner in late night Walmart runs.

The years go by so quick.  When our children become adults it is almost a shock.  In my mind, I still see them as my babies.

I am so proud of Sarah.  She has overcome so many obstacles in life and because of her hard work she is doing great.  I know that I would not be able to go to college at this time if I did not have her to rely upon.  She is a great help to me and such a loving and thoughtful daughter.

She will graduate this May and is going on a mission trip to Italy this summer.  She is currently fund raising so look for her to open an Esty shop after Christmas. She wants to do missionary work after college and has already picked her college. 

She has truly been a blessing to me.


  1. god blessed you with a true angel! keep us posted on the shop!

  2. Sarah does not remember, but she was soooo spoiled that she was rotten! When she was very young, she liked to run around the house without clothes. She is so embarased about that now, but back then......brazen!