Monday, May 14, 2012

We Don't Do Dogs

We are cat people.

We don't do dogs.

Joselin had a puppy and was having problems with her roommate over the puppy. The puppy had to go. Where else but to grandma's house.

Meet Roxy.

(I did Larissa's hair shortly after this picture was taken.  I don't send her to school looking like that!)

The dog is a mutt.  I have no clue as to her parentage.  We really don't know her age.

She is very sweet when she isn't chewing on you.  Wish us luck, we are really trying to be successful with this dog.


  1. I grew up with cats and have always been a cat person. Since being married, we've had dogs. I've mostly let the others deal with them but Jessica's little Caspian is a sweetie. The new "little" playmate for him is a terror : ) You can just ignore cats but dogs get lonely so we always have at least two.

  2. I adore dogs! I highly recommend crate training. I highly recommend getting the older kids to take puppy out on a leash, a lot! I highly recommend lots of chew toys (not the dumb plastic ones- things like raw hide and pig ears) although mine always preferred my shoes. If she chews on the kids give her an immediate time out in the crate. Dogs hate time out as much as kids do. On rainy days we let the dog play "hide and seek" with the kids, the kids each take a small training treat and go hide with it and the dog sits and stays with me in the kitchen to the count of ten. He is 7 yrs old now so he knows as soon as I start counting and he sits, I hit "nine" and his behind is off the floor, ears forward, tail wagging as he waits for "ten! ready or not" and he's off- the kids think it is hilarious.