Monday, May 21, 2012

Message to Dad

Larissa wrote this on the door to her dad's office.  She is my biggest wall and furniture artist.  Dry erase boards only stop the artistry momentarily.  When you leave my home by the front door you will see her mark on the door as you leave.  It has been there over a year.  Magic Erasers do clean it up pretty easily but I just leave it for now. 

Funny, at one time in my life it would have really bothered me and would have been cleaned up quickly.  Now I realize that she will grow up quickly and I will miss those little notes. 

Strange, I know.

(Note says:  I luv u dad you can go in yor ofic)

1 comment:

  1. I love this! My little boy (who is not so little anymore at nearly 6"3"!) had a really hard time learning to speak and write. He was so proud when he could finally write his name. He wrote it everywhere! He wrote it with a black sharpie on my bedroom wall and I have never been able to paint over it! When I look at those squiggly little letters I miss my little boy! The grow up way too fast!!!