Thursday, May 10, 2012

TPR Date

We have a TPR date....for our foster teen not our adoptive placement.  We are happy to be moving on with this case but wonder what the impact will be to the younger girls if the teen is adopted before them.  Actually, they just realized that she is a foster child the other night.

Our teen has been dealing with biological family pressure and was in tears the other day talking with her mom.  Michelle looked confused because the teen kept saying mom into the phone.  I asked her if she realized that our teen was a foster child and she said no.  She seemed quite surprised.  I think that she is still processing that bit of news.

Our date is the end of July.  Be aware that just because we have a date doesn't mean that we will actually meet that day or get TPR.  If anyone says that they can't make it then it will be moved.  If someone doesn't show up then it will be postponed.  TPR is a very serious situation.

Larissa is very aware of our teens status.  She has been asking our teen if she was going to stay forever.  Last night my teen told me that for the first time she gave her an answer...yes.

After learning about her date I called the social worker of the new news.  Frustration!


  1. That's great news! I am so happy for her, that she'll finally get some closure and the chance to belong with you. What a difference that will make in her life!

  2. So glad she feels at HOME! How frustrating to be at the mercy of waiting.

  3. I am going to pray hard it gets signed. :-)

  4. I'm so happy she's willing to stay!!!! :)

  5. Hope it goes through. Jasmine was in our home 31/2 years before we adopted her. Original plan was reunification but mom didn't work the plan at all. Then it became comedy of errors for a very long time!