Sunday, May 6, 2012


Today I decided to paint the dining room.  We are moving my mom over to the dining room so that John can get his office back.  Actually, I think the dining room makes a better bedroom then the office.  It is also a nicer bedroom then a dining room.

My mom asked for two toned purple (previously she wanted orange).  I told her that the ceiling is painted in that room and she might feel like she was living inside of a grape.  She decided to go with purple and light blue.  It is not done...maybe tomorrow.

Tasha didn't tell me to watch her cat around paint.  I now have Tasha's kitty prints all over the floor.  Every time I go in the room her cat is there checking out the paint.

Jason left yesterday for Charleston.  It is a good thing but I miss him.

Yesterday, Michelle was in a little play at her school in the the morning.  Every time I go to one of these school events I watch all the kids looking for someone. 

Last year I was at Larissa's "graduation" from 4K and one boy had no one show up.  He cried during the entire event.  I felt so sorry for him and his teacher tried to give him lots of extra attention.  However, he wanted his mom to be there.  I have been to a lot of these school events during the day and have watched a lot of kids get upset because no one came for them.  I imagine that the parent is working and can't come.  That doesn't help the child.

The play was really cute and Michelle had one line in it.

Lots of family members showed up.

I took Michelle home after the play because their adoption worker was coming for a home visit.  She called at 9am to tell me she was leaving and would be at our house in 2 hours.  (The girls are an out of county placement).  This was her second attempt to visit, the first one was cancelled the morning of.  We came home and waited, waited and waited some more.  The girls kept asking me where she was.  I had no clue. 

Finally at 3pm I called her office to see if something had happened to her.  She wasn't there but they said that they would get back with me.  Around 5 pm I received an email from the worker explaining that her cell phone had died and she lost her debit card last week so she couldn't buy a charger.  Honestly, I don't know what a cell phone dying has to do with not coming.  She also wants me to pick a date for May. Next time, I am not going to pull my kid out of school for another visit that might or might not happen and then sit around and wait all day.

We try to teach our kids that adults can be trusted.  That our words mean something.  Then we have social workers who are unreliable.  Geez.


  1. I never had a case worker not show up, but generally I didn't tell the kids there was a visit until about ten minutes ahead so they didn't have time to plan any manipulative behavior. Sometimes I didn't tell them at all and would just act surprised when they showed up. That seemed to work best. Of course I'd have things cleaned up and try to have the schedule as normal as possible.

  2. I don't mention visits until the last minute. I thought that this one was safe since she called and said she was on her way! I had to pull a kid out of school.