Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Do you have a sibling or siblings?  What is your relationship with them?  I have two brothers who live in Texas.  Honestly, our paths don't cross too often.  I would love to have a stronger relationship with them.  My dad had two girls after he remarried.  They are the same ages as Jason and Tasha.  They won't even accept my friendship on Facebook so no relationship there.  No relationship with my dad either.

When I was growing up we moved a lot.  We didn't have relationships with any extended family, no favorite cousins or aunts.  I always felt that I missed out on something.

Little did I know that when I became a parent I would also move my kids all over the world.  No close relationship with any extended family.  However, I did push sibling relationships.  I want my kids to be close and to be able to rely on each other when I am gone.  I often tell them that it is a tough world out there and you need to be able to rely on family.

I love seeing my kids have positive relationships with their siblings.  Tasha and Jason are currently at Disney World having a great time together.  They had a rough start when Jason called the night before and said he had a toothache.  By the morning when Tasha went to get him he was throwing up.  She took him to an acute care place before they flew out to get him some meds.  She called me and said that she felt so motherly.  It was strange to me because I am the one who is normally sitting in the waiting room.  Thankfully the meds helped and he is having great time.

I love to see when the relationships are so good with my children.  I am sad that Joselin was not able to take advantage of those relationships.  I still hope that over time things will improve.  Now I watch three new kids try and integrate into the family.  Some days are rough and then there are the bright moments.  The little ones need to get past their jealousy and neglected home survival skills.  As long as they hold on to those habits they will have a hard time developing positive relationships.  The tattling and hurtful behavior doesn't help with the bonding.  I pray that time will change that and they too will enjoy their siblings.

What about you?  Do you have a great sibling relationship?  Do your children?


  1. I wish I had a great relationship with my sister. We were really tight growing up, but she married a man with serious anger and addiction issues, and she is not the same. I have a great relationship with my half brother, but both he and my sister live 3000 miles away. My kids are really close, though, and I do my best to nurture that relationship. Our three new girls are also very close, with minimal conflict. I guess when you depend on each other for survival at the ages of 3, 5 & 6, you forget some of the petty.

  2. I can't imagine life without my siblings (2 brothers and 4 sisters). Not all of our relationships are especially strong or extraordinary, but all of them have had such an impact (almost entirely positive) on my life and I regularly keep in touch with most of them. My daughter is currently an only child and although she's had some experiences with foster siblings we can't wait for her to have a permanent brother or sister- tattling, tantrums, sibling rivalry and all!

  3. I had to laugh Felicia, I am at Disney World and I saw this young man who looked so familiar! Couldn't place him, and now I realize who he was!

  4. I sure hope he wasn't wearing that Clemson shirt. Some days I'd like to make it disappear! It sure is a small world.