Thursday, May 24, 2012


I guess having an adoption worker visit right after a kid comes home from Kuwait is not a good idea! 

I do believe that the adoption worker for our teen was a little overwhelmed.  I got that impression after she told me that she felt that her life was chaotic until she came to our home.

Yes, at the moment she showed up Tasha was going through all the stuff she had bought online and had mailed here with Sarah and the teen watching (clothing naturally), teen nephew was visiting and hovering, all four of the little ones came in from playing outside and headed to the kitchen for a drink, Michelle slammed the door on her finger and Jason was in town to play nurse.  So, yes 9 kids, teens, young adults hanging out all excited was a little chaotic. 

Actually I don't think that much got said.  I gave her an update on doctor visits, school and activities and she sat partially speechless. 

I think that I may call her this afternoon to see if she is recovered.

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  1. Maybe next time you should send about half of them to the mall or Walmart.