Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Yard - The Bad

Our well..... created quite a mess.

Our so expensive we had to stop at 540 feet.

Our well has 210 feet of steel casing.  The first 3 casings failed requiring the use of steel.  This doubled the price.  They hit rock at 210 feet and beyond that there is no casing, thank goodness!

We had a specific budget and had to stop at 540 feet.  They capped it and next year we plan on going another 200 feet max.  Some wells around here hit good water at 600ish.  We may not hit the good water or it may be just 5 feet away from where we stopped.  It is a gamble.

They did hit some water, just not enough to run the irrigation.  The driller told us that it is enough water to run a typical household but not irrigation sufficiently.  We aren't a typical household.  They waited a day to come out and clear out.  He said that the water came up to 74 feet so we have good storage capacity.  Next year we will put a pump on it even if we don't get the irrigation pressure John wants.  I plan on running a line to my future artist studio and it would be good water for my future enlarged pond.  Well, I guess it is a future pumping well!

In the meantime...the yard is a huge muddy mess.

Would you let your children go out in this?


  1. Yes, I would let my children go out in this...once. Let them have one good, awesome play in the mud and get lots and lots of pictures!!! And then post the pictures so I can enjoy them. =)

  2. Emily, we think alike. My thought was to have them put on some old clohting and have at it once. It is drying up quickly so they may not have much time!