Friday, May 25, 2012

Dance Time

Larissa and I got to sit around for 3 hours to get pictures taken.  They also went through their routines one more time.

I wasn't able to get her hair into a bun because she had recently asked for her hair to be cut.  Silly me forgot about dance at the time.  Of course I get there and everyone has hair pieces.  I guess I will have to find her a hairpiece to cover her pouf.

 Larissa really enjoys dance.  She loves recitals!  I found it strange last year that she had problems talking to others with her selective mutism but had no problem dancing in front of a huge audience.

Recitals are next week.  Because of problems with finding a place to have it (the local school they had it at last year steeply raised their cost) they had to break it down into three recitals.  Naturally Larissa has to be in all three.  Two on Thursday and one on Friday.  My biggest complaint is that they are only giving out 6 tickets to each recital.  That doesn't even cover the siblings!  I have requested more tickets and will know next Wednesday if I can get them. 

The school year is coming to an end and all the parental obligations are piling up.  I just got back from the school because I thought that the 1st grade award ceremony was at 8:45.  Apparently it was cancelled but they are having their cookout at 9:30......hotdogs.  Who can eat hotdogs at 9:30 in the morning?  I would have rather had the award ceremony then the cookout.

The paper I had also said that the 2nd grade award ceremony was at 1:30.  That has been changed to 1.  I have the papers that give the times but didn't get the changes for some reason.  I am lucky to remember the original times, changes throw me off.  At least the 2nd graders are doing ice cream in the afternoon.  Honestly, I prefer to just see the award ceremonies and not have the little cookout, ice cream socials.  Does that make me a bad mom?  Do you do all the school activities?

Larissa is having a water day today and her kindergarten ceremony on Tuesday.  Next year there will be 4 kids in elementary!  It can get complicated.


  1. The end of May is so crazy for our family, too. This week we had an orchestra concert, ballet recital, band concert, violin recital, three school award programs during the day and another one at night. Then each of my four children who are in school have at least one field trip scheduled. I wonder why everyone thinks they need to have a program in May. I would be just as happy - actually much more happy to spread them out over a few weeks! The way our schools are set up here the kids attend 5 different schools before they graduate from high school. One year we had 6 children in 5 different schools. All those schedules can get pretty hectic this time of year! Good Luck with all your activities!

  2. These pictures are darling! What a pretty little girl you have!

  3. Our recital is tonight. Jasmine has 5th grade grad next Friday and can leave right after it. The others have 1 1/2 more days the next week but she didn't have Presidents day and two teacher days off they did.