Monday, May 7, 2012

The Big Random Post

Michelle:  How much longer until I turn 7?
Me:  About 3 months.
Michelle:  Good, then I will be taller then Larissa.
Me:  Sorry, but being older for two months won't make you taller then Larissa.
Michelle:  Then when will I be taller then Larissa?  I am older!
Me:  Sorry child but you won't ever be taller then Larissa.

Next we discussed genetics.

Larissa lost a tooth over the weekend.  The tooth fairy remembered to do her duties this time without incident.  The last time she almost got caught and chased down the stairs.  Love her smile but I think of braces every time>  Anthony will need them too.

This is my objective for today.  I am doing some serious deep cleaning and going through everything.  The couch got moved and had to be taken apart to change the configuration.  Naturally the pieces don't stay together.  I do believe that I have mentioned that I wouldn't buy another couch like this one!  I have struggled with setting this room up since we put the ramp in.

Maybe I should just work on the ramp area!

Yes, my house is a terrible wreck.  I did get my mom moved to her new room over the weekend.  She loves the color and the bigger room.  The bigger room helps with all her accessories....that she doesn't use.  The walker and such.

Wondering how it is going with my mom?  She is about the same but my own stress level is down so I am doing better.  I guess that is typical caregivers burnout and recharge.  I know that just a few weeks ago I was so stressed I didn't think that I could deal with her needs much longer.  I can now apply for Medicaid since I can get her proof of income now.  I am still working all avenues.  I do know that when I have to student teach next spring I can not do it with her at home.  Doing kids, mom, school and full time student teaching would be a breaking point for me.  The logistics of mom, kids and me in class all day would not work out.

I do find it interesting that when you stop and talk with folks you find a lot of people who are dealing with elder care or have recently done so.  I had a long discussion with a lady at the Febreeze area yesterday at Walmart.  She did care for her mom and then other family members.  On a side note, I was shocked that Febreeze was $5 at Walmarts.

This morning, I once again look out my window and see the well drillers.  Three times their pipe casing collapsed requiring a steel casing on our well.  This doubles the cost.  Our yard is a huge mess and the fence has been taken down.  At this point we are carrying on but we are going way over budget on this thing.  Honestly, if I had known that it would be this much trouble I wouldn't have strated al this.  I just hope that this point that they hit water soon! 

Well, I'd better get to work.  Before I can tackle the chaotic room I need to do a resume for my sister in law Cindy and call Jason to see where he wants his resume sent.  Wish me luck in making some progress.


  1. Hi Felicia, I've been reading for awhile now, but usually can't get my comments to post. I'm glad you aren't so burned out by your mom right now, but you may still want to look at nursing homes. My sister's MIL has been living with them for about 10 years now. My sister regrets this for her MIL. She is very isolated from anyone her own age. She has no one to talk to about things she is going through that will understand. Just like foster parents need support groups, or new moms, my sister believes that they should have put her MIL in a nursing home, so she would have a support group of people who are going through what she goes through. I don't know if it's the right decision for your mom, but it might be something to think about. You are in my prayers :)

  2. I do know that my mom will be in a nursing home at some point. Right now if I mention nursing home to her she cries. But I feel that part of the problem in Texas was that no one visited her. Right now I am working on getting her Medicaid and checking out the surrounding homes. If I find something I like then I will probably put her on their list. I have been told that the better homes have waiting lists for Medicaid patients. I will be student teaching in January so it will be before then.