Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer School

I start summer school tomorrow.  I am taking two classes that last 4 weeks.  I almost didn't.  One of the classes is online which is fine.  However, the other one requires me to go to town 4 days a week.  I wasn't going to do it.  Not doing it would have meant that I would have to do it next summer (this class is only offered in the summer) and student teach after that.  By taking it this summer I will be able to student teach in the spring if I complete all the other requirements.

The main reason I actually withdrew my registration was the kids.  Managing 4 kids 4 days a week would be difficult for the teens.  Actually one week the teens will be at Bible camp and then Sarah leaves for her mission trip.  Four kids with one foster teen equals chaos.

However, I found a resource!  The recreation department here has a summer program for kids that starts at 9am and goes until 3pm on Mon-Thurs.  My class is 10:30-12:45 on Mon-Thurs.  They play sports and do crafts, lunch and snacks are included.  The!  I was shocked.  I even called to talk to someone about it and she confirmed.  One of the schools that has this program is right around the corner from us.  This will be great for while I am in class and even when I am on the mission trip to Guatemala.

Funny how some things just seem to fall into place.  Now I just need to get the books and I can't procrastinate since it is only 4 weeks long.  I just printed the 57 page study guide for one class.  Fun!

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