Thursday, May 3, 2012

Break Time

I am enjoying my break.  The kids are still in school and I am not!  I am trying to get some overdue projects done.  Working on the kitchen continues.....feels like it may never end.

I am also trying to take care of things I promised to the kids.  I promised Sarah that I would paint her Toms.

I am not quite sure who that old lady is but she is painting past midnight.  Sarah took that picture....I still love her.

I called the girls SW this morning to nag.  Still no TPR filed.  Ughhh!  Next time I don't think I will accept a placement from this county.  Apparently being more then 6 months behind means nothing to them.

Teen is struggling with more attacks from her biofamily.  Strange things happen when you are happy.  I think that she is finally deleted which is the best thing.

Friday the girls adoption worker is coming for a visit. The house is in shambles.  I started serious decluttering which actually makes the house worse in the short term.  I can't decide if I should continue or do a "quick hide all the stuff the SW is coming" job.

My son Jason is leaving the nest.  He is moving to Charleston.  Finally launching from the coop! There are better job prospects there so he should do well.  He already has a house rented and will leave on Friday.  I will actually miss him though.  Funny how I want my kids to go out into the world and do well but I also want them close.

I am sure that Sarah will miss big brother will be around to snoop on her laptop.

No new news about my mom.  I do procrastinate on many things and making any decisions in regards to her will be slowly made.  I am moving her to the "dining" room so that John can get his space back.  He has been upstairs in a bedroom and is ready to move back to his office.  I told my mom I would paint the new room and she wanted purple....all purple.  I told her that the ceiling was painted too and that if she did all purple she might feel like she was living in a grape.  So she chose purple on the bottom and blue on top.  Another painting project I need to do because now she asks me if it is done every day.

Well, I am off to bed.  Lots to do tomorrow.  I might get some paint form y moms room and get started.  Hope everyone has a great day!

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