Friday, March 30, 2012

Proof That I Do Cook

I don't talk about cooking too much on my blog. I assume everyone thinks we eat junk food all the time. However,  I do occasionally find the time to cook.

On the menu tonight was country fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy along with carrots.

It took three skillets full of meat to feed all of us, 5 lbs of potatoes and two large bags of baby carrots.  If you notice, none of the pots are small.

Gravy, thickened is a must.

No gravy boat for us, this is a large serving bowl.

Small steak for a kid.

Uh, I am also a messy cook and I strongly dislike the flat cooktop.

How do you make your country fried steak?  I dip mine in flour that has pepper, salt and garlic added.  Then I dip it in and egg and milk mixture.  I dip it once again in the flour mixture and then fry it.  I use the extra flour mixture for the gravy.


  1. Your gravy looks so different from ours in the UK. Can you tell me how you make it?

  2. Wow! When you really cook!! Looks great!!! I rarely could pull something off this complicated any more (maybe I never could!!)..maybe someday!

  3. This is white or country gravy. It is necessary when eating country fried steak in our household. When you finish cooking the meat you use the skillet with the drippings and add flour to it while whisking it. Then you add milk, while whisking all the time. I added a little beef boullion because we need so much. I whisk it while it is boiling and play with the flour and milk to get the consistency I want. Our family likes the thickened gravies. I really was planning on doing a roast that makes it's own gravy while cooking but realized that my crock pot had died. That is such a easy recipe and I will share it once I buy a new crock pot. How is your gravy in the UK?