Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Being a Pest

When we were foster parents for Anthony and Larissa we were very patient.  It wasn't always easy but we didn't want to do anything to cause our kids to be moved.  We didn't want to rock the boat.

Strange, this time around I find that I am being a pest.  I went up to the county director level and was told by her that they were basically too busy to file for TPR for my kids.  Well, when we signed papers in October we were told that court to change to TPR was on November 3rd and within 90 days they have to file.  My county says that it is actually 60 days.  We are now past 120 days and I am most annoyed.  These girls are in their 7th placement, they need permanence.  Heck, I found the arrest records for the last few months for mom, dad and grandma....lets move along.  No changes have been made in 2 years.

So, today I called someone who advocates for foster parents.  Ha, she knows me and said that I don't need an advocate....I do it quite well.  However, I am frustrated.  I find that I am just not patient with this case.  I would like for Dimples to start kindergarden with her new name and not have to change it during the school year.  I want for the girls to have permanency.  Ugh....

Our teen.....movement!  We recieved paperwork for a court date at the end of this month.  This is to change to TPR and my county says that it then has 60 days to file for TPR.  It would be strange if we were able to adopt our teen foster child who was supposed to run before we can adopt our adoptive placement.  I have been pushing for movement in this case too.  Out teen will be 17 this summer, soon she will be an adult legally.  It doesn't matter how old you are, you need a family to support you.  Our teen moved right in and just "fit" with our crazy family.  We aren't perfect, but we are family.

Conversation fo the day......

Lily getting forks for the table:  "How many of us are there?"
Larissa:  "A whole bunch! Grab them all."


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