Monday, March 5, 2012

Gumption's Gone

Someone has taken my gumption.  I sit here in a terribly messy house with many projects that need done and I have no motivation to do any of them.  The kids can't find matched socks in the morning and aren't persuaded when I tell them that it is now popular to wear unmatched socks!  I did start on my mom's laundry since she has the least amount of clothing in the house.  She is about naked and although I don't mind, I think that it might traumatize the kids.

I typically don't drink coffee but I am sitting here sipping on some hoping for some burst of energy.  So far, no luck!  This is my spring break so I should spend this time catching up on my Wiki and reading for class.  I am sure that I will procrastinate on that.  I do need to get to the post office today and will get to that after lunch time...or so.

Maybe if I cleaned house I would feel more motivated.  There are many things I do with great joy in life, cleaning house is not one of them.  That has always been my biggest shortcoming.  Apparently my kids all got that gene from me!  Sorry kids.  I have had friends who had spotless homes.  I would walk into their houses and they would apologize for the mess.....uh, what mess.  Their homes were spotless.  I dread to think of what they thought of my home!

Obviously my messy house is annoying me today and I am not feeling the energy to fix the problem.  Well, maybe I will start on my desk area again.  I haven't made too much progress there but I did bring in a drawer/filing system that was sitting upstairs.  I sure miss my friend Kim.  She has the audacity to move out of state.  Sometimes she would get so disgusted with my home and would come over and help out.  Her house always smelled of bleach. 

I think that my biggest problem is clutter.  What to do with all this stuff?  Kids stuff, moms stuff, foster stuff, clothing that is out of season (for a day or two), Tasha's stuff, paperwork, paperwork and paperwork, stuff, stuff and more stuff.  Some of it I just don't know where to put.  Funny, we have a huge house and nowhere to put everything.  That is scary.  Right now I don't have a craft area.  I have tubs sitting around filled with my craft stuff and nowhere to put it....all my rooms are filled at this time.  How terrible to complain about having too much stuff.  I guess I should look at it ad feel blessed with overabundance. 

I am trying to pick a time to move the girls upstairs.  After considering it for awhile I realize that there really isn't any way to just move one.  I think that all three girls are going to have to share a room.  Keeping just one girl out would not be fair.  What do you do with three girls....ages 5, 6 and 6?  So, I need to take out the desk and put a single bed in there sometime.  If we could control the pee issue then they could move upstairs.  John is concerned about the horse playing.  Yea, that will happen but I think it would happen with typical girls ages 5 and 6.  After the move upstairs then I would need to decide what to do with that room.  I am not sure if Anthony would want to come down or stay upstairs. Either way.....craft room!

Well, I guess I best get off this computer.  I hear the drying binging and I need to clear a path to my bathroom.  We got our door widened, shower doors off and I put a shower chair together this morning....time for a shower for my mom.  No more wheelchair hair washings.

Have a great day.  Wish me luck in accomplishing more than showering my mom....and whoever has my gumption, please return it, I really need it!


  1. i sure dont have it. i am just about done with my coffee and didnt find it at the bottom of the mug!

  2. Is moving up stairs an attractive enough carrot to make the pee-r stop peeing? I will admit I know nothing about this, but I guess I think it's reasonable to move the non pee-rs upstairs and leave the pee-r downstairs until she gets it together?

  3. Problem is....I don't know for sure who the pee-r is! I think it is both of them. Dimples when she is mad and Lily....well, not sure when but I know that she does.