Thursday, March 15, 2012

Getting Somewhere

Slowly the house is coming into order.  Uh, not the kitchen though!  Oh, or the clutter either!

The A/C repairman came by to fix the thermostat....which worked perfectly fine by time he got here.  So, we don't have a clue what that was about we just know that it cost us $60.

Gentlemen came by to tell us that our hot water heater definitely needs replacing.  Uh, yea it is kind of rusting out and leaking water two stories above me.  The last time it burst we figured it out by the water dripping off the chandelier in the kitchen.  They went off in search of a replacement and say they will do it tomorrow.  I hope so, I don't want to spend the entire weekend wondering if it is going to burst on us.  Apparently we also need a permit to replace it and disposal is extra.  Nice.  So that repair is $60 plus permit and maybe disposal fee.

The dishwasher repairman is coming over tomorrow after I made a phone call to let them know that it has been more then 30 days since they started working on it.  First they replaced the water pump and door latch.  That didn't fix it so now they are replacing the control panel.  Seems like it would have been cheaper to just replace it.  It is their call....I pay $60.  I am thankful for my home warranty!

I went to Lowe's with Sarah to get some supplies to make an Easter centerpiece and asked about our counter tops.  They shouldn't be in for another week but nope, they are in.  I am not ready!  At some point tomorrow we will go pick them up.  The kids are out of school so who knows.

My kitchen makeover is progressing....very slowly.  It will look so different when I am done.  I realized that I have about 6 more weeks of school left with lots of papers still needing written.  I have the entire month of May off but I hope the kitchen is done by then because I have other plans for that month.  I am taking two classes in June and expect to get nothing accomplished that month. I am ready for my schooling to be finished!

Other then waiting around the house for repairmen and mom's therapies it was a quiet day here. Oh, course I have class on Thursdays and had an assignment due today....that got started and finished today.  But, that is pretty much my norm.

Hey, still looking for ideas for my big, empty fireplace.  Another project for another day!

I am off to study until it puts me to sleep.  Have a great evening.

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  1. I saw a really neat bookshelf made out of an old fireplace on pinterest. Just one idea for you...