Monday, March 19, 2012

Self Worth

Over the weekend our small town lost two young lives to suicide.  This is a small town, my teen and Tasha each knew one of them.  It saddens me to see kids at the point where they don't think that there is any other way out.  That dying is preferred to living.

I wrote here about my own struggles and suicide attempt when I was younger.  On a certain level I understand that feeling of worthlessness.  I know that if someone had told me back then that tomorrow would be better that it wouldn't have had any impact.  At the time I wasn't a Christian so telling me that Jesus loves me wouldn't have meant anything either.

I think that if someone has told me that I do have worth, that I have value it might have more of an impact.  I wish that at the time someone had told me...... If you feel worthless get out and give of yourself.  Go to the animal shelter and help with the abandoned animals.  Go to the hospital and read to the kids and elderly.  Go to a nursing home and visit the lonely.  Visit the home bound.  Find a way to give.  You can have a positive impact on someones life.  If you sit at home and look at how miserable your life is then you will find misery.  If you sit at home and think of some way to give of yourself to someone and then go out and do it then you will find your worth.

What have you done for someone else lately?


  1. A friend of mine was recently told she has just months to live. She is 38 and battled cancer and was given the all clear just before Christmas. 30 years ago she played Dorothy in a school production of The Wizard of Oz and she asked if we could find a copy of the Video so she could have it put on to dvd.

    Thank goodness for facebook as we messaged as many others who were in the school at the time an managed to get a hold of a copy. We transferred it to dvd. We made a pile of copies and will be letting anyone who wants a copy have one in lieu of a donation to our fundraising page for Cancer Research. Donation amount can be any amount that they are willing / can afford to give.

    We also got hold of two photographs that were taken by the local paper and a copy of the article that was in the paper. I bought a frame and framed the three items together. I believe she liked it. We visited her just yesterday. She is so so brave!!

    Plus we are doing the Race for Life so all the sponsor money will go towards helping with research!! Hopefully helping many others.

  2. It's so sad, isn't it? One of my dear friends lost her 17-year-old brother-in-law to suicide yesterday. Absolutely heartbreaking. My kids are making cards to send to our 95-year-old great granny and her nursing home friends today. We'd go visit, but they live 3000 miles away. Thanks for the idea. =)