Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mission Trips

Anyone come here earlier today and notice the donate button on the side?  I was playing with it earlier trying to get it to work and it was so difficult to do that I didn't want to take it off and try it again when I could sit down and write a post.

Actually, it was hard for me to put that on my blog.  I typically don't ask for things on my blog or in person beyond prayers.  We are pretty used to finding ways to deal with things on our own.  I have a problem with that.  I have a problem with relying on God.  Yes, I admit it.  It is one of my strong weaknesses.  A friend told me that I needed to post the donate button on my blog because I would be offering the opportunity for someone to give.  So I did.

So, what is up with the missions.  I have mentioned before that Sarah is going on a mission this summer with Teen Missions International.  When we first discussed it she was concerned about the expense ($4500 plus the cost of getting to FL) but I told Sarah to commit to it and then the rest will follow.  Sarah is blessed with a giving sister, Tasha has offered to double everything that Sarah is able to raise.  We will make this happen for Sarah.  She is graduating this year and plans on going to college to work in the mission field.  She has been my biggest helper while I have been in school.  She is such a blessing to me.  If you feel led to help Sarah with the expense of her mission trip you can either donate using paypal (not a tax write off) or email me and I will send you the paperwork needed so that your contribution can be used as a tax write off.  She can also use your prayers for her training and time in Italy.

Now I said missions.....

I am going on a mission trip as well.  When the opportunity to go on this mission trip was presented my first thought was that I wanted to go, my second thought was that it was not possible for me to go.  After thinking about it I decided to take the advice I gave Sarah and commit to it and the rest will fall into place.  Mostly my challenges are financial and logistical.

I am going to Guatemala in July.  We will be in the coastal plains area where we are going to do church construction, medical, VBS and connect with a community.  Our host is Dr. Hugo Gomez with Global CHE Enterprises,  www.globalche.org . 

I am very excited about the opportunity to participate in a mission trip to Guatemala.  I have a strong interest in the people of Guatemala and pray that I will be able to contribute in a meaningful way.  If you have an interest in contributing to my mission trip please use the donate box or email me for the address to send tax deductible donations.  Also, we hope to take down lots of little McDonald's type toys.  If you want to contribute in that way please let me know.

Please pray that I find the time to do the fundraising that I need to do.  Both of our trips have to be paid in May and I don't have the free time right now to do fundraising properly.  We will be making some nail crosses very soon to sell and other ideas are in the works.  If you have some great fundraising ideas please let me know.

Looks like it is going to be a very exciting summer!


  1. That does sound like an exciting summer for your family. We believe in serving others, too. My son is serving a 2 year mission in Sao Paulo Brazil and our oldest daughter is going to work in an orphanage in Ghana for 3 months this summer. Katie has worked two and sometimes three jobs to save up for her trip to Africa and Ryan worked and saved for many years to earn the $10,000 he needed for his mission. There is something about serving others that changes your own life for the better! Good Luck with your fundraising efforts. I know so much work goes into preparing for these amazing opportunities and I believe that everyone who helps even in little ways (like maybe donating a little to the cause!) is blessed for their service!

  2. Aw, yay! I went with Teen Missions when I was 17. One of the best experiences of my life! I'll wait until she's done with boot camp to tell her about my experience with the alligator while I was down by the canal shaving one day;-)