Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Falling Apart

Seems like it is time for everything to fall apart at our house. It all started with my kid hauler. The brakes felt wrong an the heater wouldn't heat. Naturally that meant that the water pump needed replacing which required them to replace the timing belt and basically tear the entire thing apart. The brakes couldn't be simple either, it wasn't only the brakes but the oil that was leaking all over them from some other part bursting and leaking on them. Don't ask me the part because I am not auto mechanic literate.

There used to be a microwave in this spot. It just died. The kids miss it for reheating food and making popcorn.  It is a big opening so unless you want it to look funny you need to replace it with a specific size microwave....which can be ordered from Sears (it will be in on Friday).

Yea, even Jason hit us up for tires.

John went to put something in his truck and the tailgate handle broke off......(ignore the green pollen)

This now matches his broken dial for A/C.....

and my cars broken door handle.

Then the guys who came to take out our gas insert in our fireplace told us our water heater was leaking!  Ack, it is in the attic two floors up.  Not pretty at all.

We had the gas insert taken out because, well, it smelled like gas.  Any suggestions what I should do with the fireplace now.

Last night I went upstairs and wondered why it was so hot. I went to the thermostat and it wasn't on.  No power to it at all.  Not good.  At least it isn't too hot yet.

I don't know why suddenly everything is going bad.  That is the danger of material possessions, they eventually need cleaning, maintenance or repair.  While I am not tempted to go out and live in a cave with no amenities I do often think about how we need to downsize.  However, about that time we decide to add more kids.  We would not have been approved to add 4 kids to our home if we didn't have the appropriate space for them. 

So space can't be downsized but I do admit that clutter can.  However, I have a problem with decluttering.  I can't seem to get rid of stuff!  It is hard when you foster because you have baby stuff, toddler stuff and older kid stuff.  You don't go out and buy all new stuff when you get a call, you pull out whatever is needed for whatever child you receive. 

Of course, foster kid stuff isn't all my clutter.  I also have kid craft stuff, sewing stuff, painting stuff, home repair stuff, woodworking stuff, paperwork, two seasons of clothing and shoes out right now, extra computer and electronic parts, extra blankets and such because of so many bed wetters, more paperwork, school stuff, books galore, movies too many and it goes on. 

It seems like all I do is shuffle stuff around.  Yea, with each shuffle I do get rid of a small portion but not enough to notice!  We aren't bad enough to have the hoarders show over but we do have a lot of "stuff".  What is the appropriate amount of stuff considering we have 7 kids and three adults in the home?  Oh, and we have all of Tasha's stuff here too. 

Anyone else suffer with too much stuff?  Any reformed clutterers out there?  I wonder if it is possible to reform.

Well, have a great day.  I think I am going to go and shuffle some clutter around.

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