Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Neglected Yard

Our neighbor told my husband that our yard is in sad shape.  Yep, it is.  Between my duties as a mom, wife, daughter and student my time is pretty much taken up.  I don't have time to go out and do yard work.  I pretty much have the philosophy that if I plant something it has two options, grow or die.

Unfortunately, the weeds seem to  plant themselves and grow with great abandon.  I would like to know who determined that the green stuff that likes to grow is weeds and the green stuff that doesn't like to grow is grass!  Also, why is the weed barrier not called a weed attraction?  Weeds love to grow into my weed barrier making them difficult to pull out.

So much neglect.  I even had two lights broken.  None of the lights were working.  Tiny light bulbs fixed the lighting problem and I was able to use parts from the two broken lights to make one light.  I need to see if  I can get a replacement for the one light.  I imagine that the style has changed.

They know us personally at Lowe's.

I took apart the fountain and put in a new pump.  I had to seal the hole where the plug goes through so I won't know until tomorrow if I got it set up right.  The fountain hasn't worked in over a year.

I took a break and fed the kids a nutritional dinner.

Does it look better?  I sure hope so because I may not be able to move tomorrow.  I got nothing else accomplished today.

I didn't get all the plants in the ground.  I am bad about that....keeping plants in their containers too long.  Hopefully I will finish them this week. (I really want that hose hook up moved!)

Afterwards I had to take a trip to Walmart.  John was planting a tree and put the knife into his arm.  The kids used up all the band aids so we were challenged to stop the flow of blood.  He probably could have used a stitch to close it up but he made do with a butterfly closure. 

I hadn't taken a shower yet so I tried my best to avoid anyone I knew at Walmart.  Small town means everyone shops there.  I was lucky enough to only see one person I knew.  Our Walmart plays Christian music.  It can be calming after a long day.  Does your Walmart play Christian music? 

Tomorrow we have a court date for the teen and an adoption worker visit.  This entire week is going to be very busy so I don't expect to get much accomplished.

How does your yard look?


  1. I hope the neighbor was offering to do something about your neglected yard....

  2. Hahaha, no! I really don't care what my neighbor thinks but my husband did (must me a man thing). My thought was that if they had a problem with it then they could offer to help....with anything. It is a rare thing for anyone to offer us help in any form. We do keep it mowed so that you don't notice the weeds in the lawn so much!

  3. hahahah- my yard! really? luckily the weeds are green and grow pretty much across the whole thing, and we mow them... I noticed in your comment you do too. Eventually I'll get around to some annuals but not for a bit. I think your effort looks really nice and I hope your neighbor has the courtesy to say so too!