Monday, March 5, 2012

Interesting Day

After complaining about my inability to control my overabundance I went blog hopping.  When I got to Foster2Forever she had posted about Compassion International.  Yep, I was convicted.  I decided to sponsor a kid who had been waiting more than 6 months.  I looked in Guatemala since that is my country of interest but there were no kids there who had waited 6 months.  I headed over to Ghana expecting to find a bunch of boys who needed sponsoring.  I found a 6 year old girl who had been waiting more than 6 month and I decided to sponsor her.  After all, we have our share of 6 year old girls here!
I assume that I can post that information here.  If not someone please tell me! 

As I was filling out the forms I thought to myself that I must be crazy.  My husband is unemployed and I am committing to another child.  As I was finishing the process the phone rang for my husband.  Someone from the HR department at the Governor's office was calling to interview him for an OJT job.  Tomorrow he will interview.  I don't know if anything will come of it, but the timing was mighty interesting.

I really didn't accomplish much today except for sponsoring a child and giving my mom a shower.

The night is young yet, I may do some sock matching.

Say a prayer for my husband if you are so inclined.  I pray that he is able to find the type of employment that gives him the sense of fulfillment that he wants.

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  1. it has been a while since I stopped over- you make me laugh. House FULL(!) and you are convicted. I think showering one's mother (especially after reading some other posts and realizing she is in a wheelchair) is plenty for one day. Surely if the kids get desperate they'll match their own socks? I keep hoping... IAM praying for you, and your husband, and meaningful employment that offers both pride and a paycheck to keep up with this amazing household.
    blessings to you