Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Zoo

We packed up our little foldable wagon and headed to the zoo today.  We actually had quite a few people ask us where we purchased the wagon from.  It is quite handy.

Most of us fed the birds which is always fun.  I got some great shots of Lily....which I can't share!  Anthony wouldn't feed the birds, he says he doesn't want to get pooped on!

Larissa wasn't quite sure that she liked the birds to be so close.

The kids also did some rock climbing.

That is about as high as Dimples ever got...

My little climber Larissa made it to the top twice.  She was the only one to make it to the top today. 

Naturally we saw quite a few animals too.

When I asked the girls if they had ever been to the zoo before they both said yes.  I wasn't sure since they say they have done everything and in reality have done very little.  I got a clue that they had not been to a zoo when Dimples asked me if we were going to spend the night.  Lily finally fessed up and said that they had not been to a zoo before.

I am actually going to bed before midnight.  Corralling the 7 kids I took today wore me out.  I came home with 7 kids....even the same ones I left with.  I guess that makes it a successful day!


  1. wow! and I thought I was busy last fall! Everytime I start to feel overwhelmed or like I'm in over my head I come visit your blog and it kicks my butt back into gear. "Get out that daily chore list and get cracking!"
    I'm so glad you all had fun at the zoo. I hope everyday with the new blondies brings trust and peace to each of you. Sending peace and energy your way!

  2. We took all of our six kids to the zoo for the first time last week! I am still recuperating. You have a beautiful family!