Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's the Little Things

Day in and day out it is the little things that wear you down.  The constant tattling with two kids in the lead, Anthony and Lily.  The constant comparisons.  The constant need for reassurance.  The constant food issues.  The constant need to keep a 5 and 6 year old within sight when they want to sneak off.  There are reasons that they want to sneak off....not good ones.

Little things like Lily purposely damaging Anthony's Christmas gift.  Little things like Dimples claiming everything she puts her hands on is hers.  The lies.  The anger.  The lack of respect.  The unwillingness to follow house rules.  These things wear you down. 

They are not huge in themselves but they are constant.  True, if I recall the early days I see that they have improved.  There are good periods.  There are close moments.  Sometimes there is even the truth.

There are times when they tattle about such strange things that I laugh.  There are days that the behaviors are so over the top that I can only laugh.  If I didn't laugh then perhaps I would cry.  It is best to laugh and see the craziness of our lives.

Yesterday someone told Lily that she was crazy.  She came to me to tattle.  I told her that I was crazy too so maybe it isn't such a bad thing.  Today she asked me why I put my head to the side when she tattles.  I told her that was a sign that what she was tattling about is not worth tattling about.  I didn't want to tell her that it was me trying not to laugh at her tales of woe.  You know, that someone breathed on her or perhaps even looked at her funny.

So, tomorrow we are taking a break....I am taking the kids to the zoo.  (I promise not to leave anyone behind)

Pray for me.


  1. Maybe you could have them start writing down all the tattling and complaints and put it in a complaint box that you will read later. They would either become awesome journalist or decide it wasn't worth filling out a complaint form. You could even have fill in the blanks:
    This complaint is about _________________ (anme) offense:________________________ The reaosn I feel this is important is ______________________
    : )

  2. Ha, I actually like that idea. Since my two biggest offenders can in fact write I plan on making some forms up and putting up a box for the complaint forms.

  3. Thankfully, mine haven't started tattling yet. I see it coming as soon as Lil Bit starts talking. I like the writing it down idea.